Keep track of the things you want to do (iOS App)

I just discovered this app this Morning. The app is lovely. It was hard to find a good tagline because the app is doing a bit of everything (make lists, share them, follow people, ...) There are simply too many features to make it something I want to use everyday. However, I love the idea of sharing lists with friends and I'm still hunting for the great product! Are the makers around?
Right here @solenema, thanks for the kind words about the app! So, the cats out of the bag. We actually weren't planning on launching until later this week, since we submitted a release to Apple with bug fixes, new features, and things that clear up the UI and tie together the experience more. But you know what they say about the best laid plans... We'd love to discuss anything about Picks, and go ahead and use it, the app does work just fine. We'll be here all day!
@mergesort So.. Congrats for the pre-launch and apologies if I've changed your plan! I'd say that the app is more than ready to be opened to the world! I'm curious to know what is the key feature you want to promote?
@SoleneMa The main thing was actually bug fixes, and a some clarity that was added to the UI. Some things look very nice and iOS 7-like, but to a user they might be difficult to figure out if they're new to the app and haven't learned the visual design language. In 1.02 we added shadows and borders around certain key tap targets, which draw the eye more and look more tappable. One feature that makes the app feel a lot more whole is live previews. You can now look at a restaurant's menu, call them, even order from Seamless in Picks. For movies and TV, you can watch trailers, and for albums and songs, you can listen to song previews. We've also added more information for all savable types. Of course, if you have access to all this content, it would be silly of us not to let you get it, so anything you can preview, you can also rent or buy in iTunes, all without leaving the app. Here's a little off the cuff demo I just made of the song preview feature. http://instagram.com/p/r2YpzcK4h... And on the back end, we just finished implementing some big changes this morning, so I guess the timing couldn't be better with that. ;)
@SoleneMa Just curious, how did you end up coming across Picks? We were trying to keep it relatively on the down low for now.
@mergesort I saw a tweet about it!
Thanks for all the PH love, and hi to all the new users.
Natalia (@metaprogrammed) here, the other co-founder. We're trying to build something more than just a list app. For example, you can search for a movie, read the description, add it to a list, send it as a recommendation to a friend, and (coming in the next update) watch a trailer. The idea is that we make lists of the things we love. When you create a list in a notes app, it's just words. But movies, places, TV shows, books, music, podcasts, (and more coming soon) all have a lot more depth than just a couple of words in a notepad can express. We’re working hard to develop the social layer to give users a more rounded experience. We believe in trying to connect people around shared interests and experiences. We want to provide a communication channel specifically for what you enjoy, whether it will help you find others who share your passions or get feedback from your friends. If you want to get your friends together to see Spider-Man, or try a new restaurant, we'd love to help you. If you want to know whether it's worth even seeing Spider-Man, we want to help you find an answer. All in all, we're trying to create a place for you, the people you enjoy being around, and all the things you like to do. PS, a web app should be arriving shortly as well!
I've been on the Picks beta for a while. I think they're onto something... One thing I like about the app is that it has soul. Of course, the mascot is adorable, but things like transitions are colorful and unique. Another example - they added a number of famous people (fake accounts) in the app so that the initial experience didn't feel so foreign. All of these little things add up.
@Josh_Goldstein Thanks for the kind words Josh! We're trying to use the fake accounts as a lighthearted way to educate the users as to what Picks looks like if they were to be using it, without the commitment of creating an account. For example, if you open up Lord Voldermort's account, you'll see a broadcast he made for a Mexican place, where he's now having a great discussion with a unicorn.