Your life and your phone need more pickles! Choose from over two dozen pickle-themed emojis and share your feelings with the big dill in your life. Download for free in the App Store today.

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We are hoping to bring new Pickle based communication to the masses - if you have requests for deeper and more complex Pickle-based emotions, let us know in the comments!
@russperry we need the dancing pickle & disco pickle that are available on the Dayshift Slack channels!
@russperry Oh, wow! It`s sooo nice. I love it))
This is what I've been looking for, for a long time. I've had a block, not knowing how to express myself. Now, with this picklemoji pack, I have reconnected with my loved ones and they're understanding me and how I truly feel for the first time ever. You've liberated me!
It’s hard to imagine life before this
@chrisronzio We agree. We are already working on the 2.0 pack due to popular emotional demands.

Legend has it that those who hold pickles within their text messages shall one day have the chance to become the grand mage of Vagaous City and rule the Vagaousian people! Good luck adventurer! May Shandoriyi bless you with the gifts of 50 tagos!


It is a bunch of pickle icons


People who don't like pickles

Pickles are pretty good to be fair