A simple website solution for makers of delicious things.

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My latest project - a simple site solution restaurants, cafes and bars. Let me know what you think.
Beautifully done, the intro video was quite impressive. The real moment was the one when I realized from the hints given in the site text that it is actually a WordPress theme. I love the way you have changed the complete feel of WordPress dashboard, all in the favour of simplicity. Also, you have a very interesting pricing model, specially the last one. Targeting it towards cafes and bars could be a product decision, but I think the app is powerful enough to cover more domains. Kudos to your work.
@jaipandya Thank you very much!
Love the site, and looks like an awesome solution! Wish I had a restaurant so I could use it!
@dja1o Thanks... appreciate that.
Looks great–the interface looks very similar to Squarespace 7: http://squarespace.com/seven/int...
@geekgirlweb Thanks... definitely was inspired by Squarespace 7.
Does it integrate any online payment systems, like Stripe?
@weinberg81 Considering who I was targeting it for, I couldn't find a use case for something like Stripe. Although, I will be releasing add-on functionality.
@jschuller If I am restaurant or have a food product, I may want to sell online.... Many restaurants have special products (sauces) they sell. Some want to pre-sell an seating. If I am only selling a product, but like your system, this is the missing ingredient. Beautiful design, though.
@weinberg81 Thanks... I'll definitely take that into consideration for future add-on functionality.