Be a Better Friend

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I like this concept because I'm terrible at keeping in touch. @ellenchisa, how is this different from Rekindle?
@adamsigel @bramk definitely! Interestingly, we didn't explore the space too much before starting - so I hadn't heard of either of those before yesterday. That said, from my impression: Rekindle helps you meet new people (we know who you should meet). Bond is based on mode of interaction first, followed by a list and making choices. In it's future form, Pickld will be about using the "trigger" of when you think of someone to set reminders, rather than being a built all at once CRM solution. Here's some of the learnings/principles behind it: http://blog.ellenchisa.com/2015/...
@adamsigel @ellenchisa so in short: places/birthdays/holidays/set times can all be triggers for re-engaging with someone?
yup! or just random newsfeed posts, even.