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Any way to turn off these follower notifications / disable the following feature entirely?
@shimmb we're not able to update the app right now with improvements because we've got a message from apple (exposed below)
A little buggy (e.g. can't scroll settings view), but this is a really great product, and great looking too. Been using Pushbullet for this, but lately Pushbullet just hasn't been working properly, and this eliminates a couple steps. Great work! Note, when I dragged the button, it didn't show with the icon (looks like this http://i.imgur.com/vkLlzgt.png); Do you have plans to make a Chrome extension instead?
@shimmb Hey Simon! Thanks for your feedback! Now we're gonna focus on making things smoother and indeed a Chrome extension is one of our next steps. For a faster launch we decided to go ahead with the bookmarklet as it works for every browser.
Yesterday we've got a message from Apple exposing an hypothetic App Store Guideline violation (2.26) after a re-evaluation. They say that Picker don't add any value or feature significantly different from the App Store and they ask us for an update to avoid an app rejection. What do you think? @shimmb @jonsamuelson @techtom10
@albertraich Doesn't really make any sense. You should just respond explaining what the app does and why that's not true.
@albertraich I think this is unfortunate. Is it removed from all the app stores around the world or just the US? I was getting a decent following on there and writing a blog post for other teachers to start to use the app. Come on Apple!
Really sorry to hear that @albertraich - I was just about to download it when I saw your last post here. Seems like they might have misunderstood where you're going with this app, but this is definitely one of the rules that Apple are most strict on - fortunately, it's also a rule where there's a fair bit of grey so hopefully you'll be able to come up with a compelling reason/change for them to allow it back on.
Hello, @albertraich is there any news on @getpicker and the update on getting back in to the app store?