It’s Hammer for Mac, with a new way to pay

Pickaxe is a beautiful static site generator for MacOS powered by Crypto

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Hey Steve, congrats on the launch. I think this type of model has a lot of potential, especially when the software is inside an app itself rather than a browser (like Salon or UNICEF for example). It's also refreshing to see someone taking an approach that is transparent and give the user control. I would love to use something like this to pay for other types of software like Spotify premium, Netflix, or Slack. Any plans to release other apps/services that can be paid through Coinstash?
@jessescaruso Thanks Jesse. Yes, I think it's paramount that if cryptomining is to be a credible and ultimately feasible option, we have to pay attention to aspects of the UX around it, making sure that it's clear and not done in stealth like many have tried so far. I am really excited for the idea that this solution could be used in any app, to help both app developers to get value for their creations and for users to benefit with additional choice and flexibility. But first thing's first, we really wanted to test the tech and the market within our own apps.
Hey Guys - welcome to our first ever PH launch. I'm really excited to be here on PH - firstly, because when Hammer was first launched, this didn't even exist and I know Hammer is sad about that! But just like every app developer out there, I'm thinking about new ways we can add value, provide options and in return, get loyal, happy customers that are willing to pay for what you offer. It was in that spirit that we felt that cryptocurrency mining holds many opportunities and Hammer was a perfect match. So we implemented the Coinstash Framework to bring you an all-new way to get the full web development of Hammer - via HashPower! Here's a Medium Post which goes a little bit further into the story - https://medium.com/beach-io/pick... Thanks to the early Upvoters and Reviewers, I really look forward to answering your questions on both Pickaxe (static site generator, JAMStack) and our use of Cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method. Hit me up!
Hey Steve, Long-time Anvil user here (as you already know 😄). Curious to hear your thoughts about integrating this on Anvil or any other Beach products. Will it all work together? Congrats on the launch - have an upvote, sir.
@uxaldo Thank you for your comment. We certainly do have thoughts about that! I'm definitely curious to see how Cryptomining payments could be used in the context of a fully free app, that is supported by donations. One way I'm thinking is that it could be used as a way to fund the features people want to see developed next for the app... what's your thoughts?
@r3trosteve gotcha. add node.js support! ☺️

I tried it once and now use everytime


really conviniet tool, and developers improve it constantly


haven't found any

Thanks Alexandr. We certainly try to keep the app moving along the roadmap whilst we are also very aware that our customers love the simplicity of the app. We just try and maintain that balance.