Making Twitter interesting again



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Jack Sitt@jacksitt
I agree that twitter has a lot of junk in feed. I also think that theres junk in FB feed - you guys think about doing this for FB?
OZzzz. ..Maker@mrmirza
@jacksitt Our main focus is on Twitter as we see the need being greater there, but definitely will consider adding other social media in the future
Zdenek Dusatko@zdedu · Developer
I love name of this app.
OZzzz. ..Maker@mrmirza
@zdedu haha! We love it too :))
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Twitter is what you put into it. Find and follow the most relevant people to what you like then I don't see the issue. If I don't like what someone posts. Unfollow. Done. People complain that it is too difficult but I honestly don't see it like that.
OZzzz. ..Maker@mrmirza
@bentossell Could be that not everything that person tweets or retweets is interesting to you. Maybe should caption the app :"for the lazy people" =) Please send us your feedback and ideas, we would love to improve the product.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@mrmirza I was not complaining about your product haha... So how do you categorise this in order to make sure I stop seeing Trump tweets from everyone I follow but still see their other tweets. I'd love Twitter to have a 'mute topic' option.
OZzzz. ..Maker@mrmirza
@bentossell No worries :) We have an algorithm that hunts for keywords, topics, user etc.. in your tweets learning what you find more, or less interesting. By so showing you less of those tweets that you shouldn't be wasting your time on.
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@mrmirza @bentossell I would think that the people who "find Twitter too hard" are unlikely to download an app like this and put in the effort (so to speak) to make Twitter better for them. I imagine they want it to be more like TV — instantly entertaining with zero marginal effort after signing up. What are your plans for distribution and getting these users to discover, download, and engage with your app?
OZzzz. ..Maker@mrmirza
@chrismessina good points Chris, that's exactly the task we are aiming to solve " how to give a non-twitter user the same instant gratification as in Like on instagram". We will focus on using friends and "rewards" to attract a new type of users to twitter instead of ususal ( as myself) the information-junkie. So make twitter more friends oriented instead of mass information oriented. Maybe not so clearly explained, what are your thoughts? =)