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Hari Ganapathy
Hari GanapathyMakerHiring@ichbinhari · Co-Founder
Travel is fun; Planning and booking can be cumbersome. At PickYourTrail we leverage our network of offline insiders to come up with plans that are tailored to suit your vacation profile. Our target segment - Free Independent Travellers (couples, families, friends who are not keen on being grouped/coached and want to discover lands at their own pace and style). The eventual end goal is to build an unified vacations platform that combines content (itineraries), community (insiders) and commerce (purchase). Challenges - Non-Transactional Travel is still largely offline and huge resistance on the supply side. Multiple companies have tried to get vacation planning/booking online but none has managed to scale in a non-packaged environment. Over the past 1 year - we have grown to a team of 6, had customers from 10 countries who have travelled to 30 others :). Happy to take any questions. Keen to understand what your pain point is WRT vacations.
vikram bhaskaran
vikram bhaskaran@qvikr · Marketing, Chargebee
while this is definitely interesting, why not just use a regular old travel planner/ agency?
Subodh Kolhe
Subodh Kolhe@subodhkolhe
Passionate travelers who decided to help other fellow travelers with their experiences :) @ichbinhari
Manasvini Krishna
Manasvini Krishna@manasvinik · Indie hacker
Interesting, also check out Localfu (personalized travel plans and itineraries from locals), though they don't handle the booking part.