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Hello Everyone! I'm founder of picjumbo.com: site with free stock photos and we've just launched picjumbo 2.0! We have done some of the biggest updates since the very beginning of picjumbo. We redesigned free version of picjumbo.com, as well as the whole PREMIUM Membership. And in the meantime we also managed to capture some of the best picjumbo pictures yet. — picjumbo.com We redesigned homepage as well as the pages of individual pictures. On the homepage, you can now find the most popular pictures, the newest pictures, popular categories and so on. And finally, we got rid of the blog-like design and created a new homepage that both you and new visitors will enjoy. Fun fact: We had to change the button from ‘Download’ to ‘FREE Download’. People simply didn’t believe that the pictures are ACTUALLY FREE. — picjumbo PREMIUM Membership We launched new version of PREMIUM Membership, where the most important changes are the new plans and new pricing. Instead of one universal pricing plan, there are now three of them: BLOGGER, DESIGNER, and AGENCY. One of the major changes is that the DESIGNER and AGENCY plans now have the All in One Pack included (it's pack with all free picjumbo images). And all of the PREMIUM pictures are to be found not only in their respective photo collections, but they are also sorted into categories now: Business, Fashion, Food & Drink, Love, Technology, Sports, People or Abstract. Not sure what to put into graphic design? Check out the Abstract pictures. Are you working on a marketing article? Go see the Business category! — Photoshop & Sketch Plugin Not a major change, but definitely worth mentioning: the 'picjumbo Photoshop Plugin' is now available also for very popular Sketch! — 3 years I started picjumbo three years ago when any stock photo site didn‘t want my photos due to 'lack of quality'. Three years later people downloaded more than three millions images from this site. This redesign is very important thing for us. We are no longer some blog with picture posts. We want to be your full-featured partner for visual content of your blogs, apps, designs and presentations. And we want you to have the best user experience possible while browsing on picjumbo.com. Experience so great you will tell your friends about and that you will come back again and again. Thank you for being with picjumbo <3 All feedback very appreciated! Viktor
Picjumbo met last year and is one of the best stock sites free photos. Great selection of photos and impeccable quality. I intend to soon buy a few packages for a project I'm building. Congratulations for the excellent work Viktor! :)
@cristianolima Thank you Cristiano! Very very appreciated!
Love picjumbo! It's a wonderful source of images you won't find elsewhere.
@mktackabery Thanks for your kind words Michelle!