Share photos with your friends for feedback on your style

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Makerpad.co
Quite a few competitors in this space, what makes Picit the best?
Dan Hefter
Dan HefterMaker@danhefteriam · Founder, Picit
@bentossell Great question - we're really trying to make polling friends an easier and faster experience. Most of these other polling apps focus on just polling the public (ie: strangers), we allow you to ask your friends, whose opinions you want to hear the most. We're also working to integrate Picit with third party platforms: as an example if you were shopping on Warby Parker's website for a new pair of glasses and wanted to ask friends or family which pair they liked best on you, you would be able to create and share a picit directly from Warby Parker's site.
Asma Nished
Asma Nished@anished · Marketing, Picit LLC
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Asma, head of marketing for the Picit app (@picitmobile). Our team launched Picit last year to make buying and choosing clothes easy. Picit lets you share side-by-side pictures and a question with friends to get their opinions instantly! Today, we’re excited to share with you Picit for iOS; an app to make choosing the right clothes easy. Picit makes it easy to ask your friends for their opinions on your decisions. Which color sweater looks better on me? Which costume should I wear to the party tonight? Do these shoes go with this outfit? Post your question and side by side pictures to one or more friends and they can vote and comment on their favorite choice! What makes Picit unique? -Share your questions privately with one or more friends -Polling results update in real time -Live chats along with every poll -Vote on our constantly updated public wall We’re still learning a lot about what people want to see and we’re working hard to constantly improve Picit. In fact, we’ve got some big improvements on the way such as ways to share your polls through text and social media. We’re looking forward to chatting with you all! -Asma & the Picit Team