Control your home with gestures

Piccolo is building the world’s first vision assistant. It uses a 3D camera and computer vision to let you control devices with gestures. It lets you point at lamps to turn them on and you can control your TV with simple hand movements.

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Hi PH — Marlon & Neil from Piccolo here. Piccolo is a smart camera that lets you control your TV, lamps, fans, speakers, and other devices with simple gestures. For example, you can point at your lamps with your hand to turn them on or off. To set up Piccolo, you can place it anywhere (near the TV is usually best), and then on the app you can indicate where your devices are with boxes. After that, you can connect those same devices (Chromecast, Hue lights, smart plugs, etc.) with Piccolo, and you’re good to go. If you join the waitlist on our website, you have a chance at getting one of 20 pre-release Piccolos next month. We’d love to hear some feedback and look forwarding to answering any questions!
The future has arrived 👽 love this!
Nice to reconnect with you on PH, @marlonmisra. 😊 Think you could hook us up with a piccolo for the AngelList/Product Hunt office? We'd love to do a livestream demo sometime.
@rrhoover yes we'd love to!
Every breath I take, Every move I make, Every bond I break, Every step I take, Piccolo will be watching me.
But in all seriousness, how do address the concern about privacy?
@daviswbaer since Piccolo is not a security camera, we don't store any images/videos.
@daviswbaer @marlonmisra Is processing done locally or in the cloud?
@daviswbaer @kay0stheory both. some preprocessing on device, and the more complex models run in the cloud. the models that do pose estimation are too complex to run locally (unless you use a really expensive computer) for now.

We've been lucky enough to have one of these magic boxes in our living room for the last few months. When I say magic, I mean it. No other explanation. (OK, well maybe there are - really hard work, a dash of AI, and a clear vision of the future).

Need to go to the bathroom? Raise my hands, and Netflix pauses. Too dark for my pitch black treks to get water from the refrigerator? Just raise a hand. I'm really excited to see what comes next. Great job guys!


Living in the future rocks!

It really works.



Well, am open to tech, this thing really is awesome, but cons, I mean... the 4th season of Black Mirror is out, give it a dekko!