Picassort is a simple app that helps you declutter your photos collection. It shows all your photos that don't belong to any album. Then you can share, favorite, delete and add them to any number of your albums. Adding photos to albums is as fast as possible.

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Piotrek Wilczyński
Hi PH, Couple of days ago I released my third iOS app. On Mac I have a workflow for decluttering photos that combines Photos and Keyboard Maestro. I have a smart album that displays all photos that don't belong to any album and bunch of macros that allow me to add photos to any number of my albums with one or two key presses. I wanted to do the same thing on my iPhone. I've search for an app that can do that but I couldn't find any that were doing exactly what I wanted. So I've created my own app - Picassort. I've made it to scratch my own itch but maybe somebody else will find it useful. I know it won't be widely popular but I'm going to charge 1,09€ for it. Maybe I will earn costs of developer license back.