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What makes this better than Prisma?
@bentossell This is a total copy/paste of Prisma's app, including its app layout/design/UX/UI ?!
@mattnavarra im pretty confused as to what is meant to be different (enough for people to use this vs Prisma)...
@bentossell Their is no "better" it isn't about being better most of the time, regarding the motivations from the founders of these apps it's about spam. Just type in Prisma in the app store and majority of the results are copy and paste clones...the world needed 2,000 more Prisma apps apparently! "tracing paper mentality."
@nicholassheriff yeah I dont see the point of 'copy/paste' clones unless they are better. Zero to one strategy and all that
@bentossell Exactly Ben no one does...it's never about how this will impact us when these guys are cloning it is about being malicious, and that is never to the betterment of our experience. Clones also don't offer value, most of the time they actually lower the value of the original offering because of the motivations and intent behind it all.
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How much does it cost to remove the watermark and have hi-res output?