Pica Pica

Generate RESTful API's through a simple desktop interface.

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How i cant try before buy?
@douglasevaristo I will supply a trial once the app is released, but since it's an early release version I didn't bother creating one. You can however buy it and request a refund within 14 days if you don't like it.
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Cool idea, can you give us examples of APIs built with Pica Pica? @bcallaars
@paladinint Since it's still in its early stages, I've only been using it myself personally and some small group of people. For me currently I'm building a recipe manager with it. The more I work with it personally, the more things I see I want to have in as well. Ha! :D
@avadhbsd Thanks, appreciate it!
A bit late for a comment but nevertheless worth it. After a few weeks of working with Pica Pica here are my comments: - This software was on my wish list, so when I saw it on PH I thought to give it a try. - For less than the cost of a WordPress template you can get a powerful tool to build a RESTFUL API in minutes, not to mention that you can get your money back if you decide this app is not for you. - Native, clean, easy-to-use interface and the ability to create as many APIs as you wish. - SUPERB support period!!! I bought Pica Pica from day one so I encountered a few bugs on the way. What I didn’t expect was the outstanding support from Joseph, a smart and honest guy that responds in seconds if you have a question. - All in all, I would highly recommend you to TRY Pica Pica, you definitely will speed up your new projects and step up your game. I’m excited to see what else Pica Pica has for the future…maybe a package ready to deploy to prod ;-) Thanks @bcallaars