Pica Pica

Generate RESTful API's through a simple desktop interface.

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AJ Ben Dor
@paladinint · Entrepreneur
Cool idea, can you give us examples of APIs built with Pica Pica? @bcallaars
Douglas Evaristo
@douglasevaristo · Front End
How i cant try before buy?
Dustin Richard Locke
@dustinlocke · Designer
I was once walking on a dirt road in Guatemala. I saw a small animal run into a pile of cut-down branches. Anxious to see the critter, I started pulling away branches. Eventually I uncovered an enormous iguana. But within minutes, my entire body was burning and itching. It was unbearable. I kept walking and eventually found a local villager, who I asked abou… See more
Avadh B.S. Dwivedi
@avadhbsd · Designer
Nice Joseph.
Fer Martz
@fer_martz · Founder & CEO of Tripkii & OmegaRabbit
A bit late for a comment but nevertheless worth it. After a few weeks of working with Pica Pica here are my comments: - This software was on my wish list, so when I saw it on PH I thought to give it a try. - For less than the cost of a WordPress template you can get a powerful tool to build a RESTFUL API in minutes, not to mention that you can get your mo… See more