Pibox 2.0

The easiest way to communicate and share large files

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Real Pied Piper? :)
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@alexey_erinchak yep) Something like this)
Hi ProductHunters! Pibox 2.0 is here. Pibox is the easiest way to communicate and share large files without loss of quality. It`s something between messaging app and cloud storage. So you can send even 150 GB 4k video from your GoPro or iPhone\Nexus and everything will be ok! Why use Pibox? Communicate: Create personal or group chats with an unlimited number of people to be in touch with, for every moment of your life Original quality: Share your photos and videos without any loss of quality loss Easy: It's quite simple to send heavy files, even .raw-photos or 4k videos Cloud: You can get up to 1000 GB space in the cloud to store and manage your files Sync: Get all of your files and chats on every device that you have What benefits can you get? 3.14 GB for each friend invited 50 GB for inviting 5 friends 100 GB for inviting 7 or more friends 1000 GB of space on the cloud for up to 15 month for inviting 10 friends* I`m here to answer to all your questions. Fell free to contact me!
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@ruslannaz 3.14 GB is awesome idea :)
awesome tool :) Go-go-go!
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Great product with awesome UI/UX. Was using it for few projects and it much simplify our collaboration in team. Pibox is the easiest way to message, share and store large files without loss of quality and they give 1000 GB for free)))
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Is anyone else tired of the "easiest way to ___" cliche? This is just a conversation starter and definitely not directed at you guys personally, but by what measure can all of these companies claim that their product is the "easiest"? Absolutely anybody can say it, so it makes it meaningless and just feels cheap and unmemorable. Maybe that's just me though! I do use PH daily so maybe I'm just in the tiny group of people that have seen it a whole bunch
@cwrichardkim hi! It`s really great notice. We try to test a different "tagline" about our product and find that "easiest way..." work better than other :) But as for me (as marketer) I absolutely agree with you