Cloud-based messenger for HQ files

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Hi there Product Hunt! I decided to create this product when I needed to send a lot of photos from my SLR to friends. I couldn't make it through email or messenger, because emails had file size limit and messengers compressed photos. Yeah, maybe, I could do it with cloud storage, but how could I make it? I had to create group chats somewhere, upload all files to some cloud service and then send a link. Some time after I had to remember where did I send the link or what cloud service I used. So, I decided to create cloud-based messenger for large files without any compression. Where I can store my files and communicate. Please, check it and let me know if something go wrong or you need some more features in future - I`ll do it :) Also, use "4producthunter" for an additional 10 Gigs. (you can type it in settings) Have a nice day!
@ruslannaz Hey bro! :) good luck and this is very useful. Tested this product and I am one of their beta user. What I like about this product is the ability to chat with my friends while sharing the files.
@himenjil hey! Thank you, homie!
@ruslannaz welcome! :)
Can you tell us some of the differences between Pibox and Wetransfer?
@poehah Hello! We give an ability to share up to 10 GB from the start, you can manage and store files without buying premium account, you can communicate inside (in chats). And also you can farm up to 20 GB for invites. It's more like messenger, mobile apps will be soon;)
@ivantalaychuk @poehah Thank you, sounds great :) Out of curiosity: how are you going to make profit from it?
@poehah Now we are selling additional disk space. In future we will take commission from additional services.
Good luck! Great App
@zandr_dewhite Thanks! Do you have any feedback?
Great app! I believe that using standalone messenger just for the huge files is a bit rough though. Described case "I had to create group chats somewhere, upload all files to some cloud service and then send a link" – like it's a bad thing – is practically more useful, because having people on popular platforms (Messenger / Telegram / etc.) and sending there is much easier than forcing them to adopt Pibox obviously. It might be suitable for more specific cases like those you mentioned on your website – for media correspondent for example, with heavy everyday photo/video traffic. More of a B2B solution maybe?
Guys, your product feels, looks and works great! All the best!