Learn to play the piano in your browser

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Very cool. I don't get the arrangement of the keys when using a keyboard. Shouldn't they sort of mimic a piano keyboard?
@joshdance Cheers. We're rolling out new qwerty controls soon, that better mimic piano keys. Glad to hear your feedback.
@mattcurney @joshdance Great. Cause the current ones are confusing. Excited to see what you guys do.
@mattcurney @joshdance Hi Joshua, just wanted to give you the latest update. You can see the new QWERTY controls here: https://pianu.com
Thank you @jacqvon! Matt here, creator of Pianu. It's an honor to be featured! Pianu was created to share the joy of learning piano with as many people as possible. The idea came to life when I discovered I could use new technology in the browser to turn any web-connected device into a working piano. With help from design-master @jacoborjake, I'm proud to say we've created the first piano-learning website that you can play interactively, just by connecting a MIDI keyboard to your computer. Our mission from the beginning was access: making learning music something that was available to anyone who wanted to learn. I'm lucky to have found a team of musicians and developers who share this mission, and we're working every day to improve Pianu with your feedback. With that in mind, we love to offer our full Academy of interactive lessons here for a $10 discount. Just use coupon code PRODUCTHUNT when checking out. Thank you again. We look forward to hearing what you think! Play on, -Matt
So cool. I also like Touch Pianist because it makes me feel like a pro without even trying. 😁🎶
Awesome job! Just tried the moonlight sonata...I think I need a little bit more time for that :-)
Supercool! Now I need a Son\Daughter to try it out on..