Airbnb for music practice rooms

PianoMe is the first platform worldwide that make it possible to rent out/hire music practice space (with pianos) by the hour: Simple, low-priced and 100% secure thanks to our intuitive online booking system. Our Vision: We want to make music accessible to everybody at any time, anywhere.

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Hi all, maker of PianoMe here. As a passionate hobby musician myself I came across the problem to find appropriate music practice rooms (in my case with good grand pianos) and book them easy and straightforward by the hour – both in my home town Berlin and also while traveling. Couldn`t find a platform, which meets those conditions, so decided to built ony by myself. Would love to hear your thoughts and feel free to ask questions here!
I like the idea, I just wonder how big the market is for people looking to practice piano
@daviswbaer Hi Davis. Thank you for your feedback. This is probably one of the key questions. Also don`t know if the market potential only for piano practice rooms is sufficient. Possible growth strategy: Geographic expansion with piano practice rooms first. Then extension to other kinds of music practice rooms (band rehearsal space, theater/dance rehearsal space etc.). An enhanced creative business model (in terms of monetarization) could also the bottom line.
Very cool. Do you mostly work with individuals or piano schools? If it’s the latter, it’d be more similar to Deskpass (Netflix for co-working spaces).
@chiancheng Thank your for your feedback! Presently working 30% with individuals and 70% with commercial providers. According to Deskpass: This might be the Business Model for the future. Will think about it!
This is definitely something I wish I had access to coming out of college so I wouldn't have had to give up playing piano! Do you guys have or plan on having some sort of a rating system for the pianos/spaces knowing how much of a snob some of us can be as to the small things?
@jim_zhou Hi Jim. Thanks for your feedback. We already have a rating system (Like/Dislike and comment function), though this will be extended at some point.
Hey, weren't you featured on Side Hustle School? neat project. Though the link seems broken. https://pianome.de/en works.
@uxiomatic I need this. Internationally for digital nomads who play Piano. Currently it's a huge pain in the ass actually. I have to like locate a piano shop on google maps, and then it's usually kindof pricey anyways, because it's intended for giving lessons sometimes.
@uxiomatic if this was out there, I would totally use it.
@uxiomatic and actually there is a huge market in Asia for piano playing/teaching. In China, and Vietnam, at the very least.
@uxiomatic from my observations.
@uxiomatic Thank you for your feedback, Yuriy! Yes, your`re right. I work on the link. Should work in a few hours again. No, I weren't featured there, yet :)