Pi Charging is the world's first contactless, wireless charger for smartphones and tablets. Pi charges devices within a 1ft range in any orientation using magnetic resonance technology.

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Does it also act as a heater for humans as it slowly cooks us?
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@robjbye Ya everyone knows magnetic fields are bad for us! Pretty soon there will be a magnetic field that surrounds our planet and everyone will be cooked!!
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@robjbye I can't agree more. Not even as a gift I want this thing.
@robjbye so It won't let the coffee go cold too? this seems interesting for that purpose...
@robjbye Hi Rob! Thanks for checking out our product. No, it does not act as a heater and cook humans. Pi uses a very weak magnetic field, the same type of field existing pad based chargers use. All our products follow existing FCC safety regulations.
@robjbye @nadia_niky how fast does it charge ? is it as good as Qi wireless chargers
Ah, the catch is under the technology tab. You need their bulky case on your phone for this to work. So either you have to switch cases each time you want to charge, or put on their case when you get home. And you have to hope they release a case for every phone and tablet you have. And the charger + cases are probably going to be $$$. Great idea if you could work with manufacturers to embed this into phones, but as it stands... :/
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@alteredorange Thanks for finding this out for us. Seems like cheating, to be honest. At that point I could just use a battery case.
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@alteredorange It will only need a case until phone makers start incorporating the technology into the phones. Same way wireless charging currently works on the iPhone 7
@alteredorange I don't think that is correct. According to the linked article from Macrumors this works with any Qi enabled device. So this works with a lot of Android devices, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that starts shipping on Friday and with the iPhone X that ships in November – and presumably with any other new device Apple will launch.
@_mochs I'd be all about that! I'm just going off what their site says. I'm assuming they need a special case to guide the magnetic field to the phone. If it works with any Qi enabled device that would be MUCH cooler!
@alteredorange Yeah. Not entirely sure either. They seem to be pretty clever in wording their stuff. They say you don't need a Qi enabled device because you can simply use their case. Which sounds a bit like it would work without the case if your phone supports Qi. But that might just be smart marketing speak. I guess we'll see when they announce more details.
I won't be excited about this tech until you can achieve it without the use of a bulky case
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Wow this looks great. The charging station is even well designed, so I it be a nice addition to your room. Excited about this release!

Exited about the technology


This is actual wireless charging. No physical contact with the device.


Not know atm

Cons: I would perhaps start with the additional and much stronger magnetic fields you will be exposed to. I would not use this thing even if I got it as a present.