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Pi is the perfect tool for organizing ideas, plans and work. A hub of 13 minimalist apps (pods) that solve all of your daily tasks. Simple design that allows your screen to breathe and keeps you focused. Always accessible, lightweight and fast. No subscription required 😱! Pay once πŸ™Œ and supercharge ⚑your productivity till the end of time


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    AWESOME TODO APP, Support the Developer, BUY NOW


    I am not being paid as an endorser.

    At first I played and I ran into a few issues. But then I emailed the developer and he went to town cleaning it up. This is a super elegant and tasteful product, which more apps were like this. I HAVE TO SAY MORE. So when I wrote my first review, I was drowning in work and things to do and I was avoiding work and looking for a todo app to feel like I was at least organizing myself and not completely blowing off work, like I am doing now. Anyway, this app is super awesome - I love how simple and tight and useful little menu item apps can be and they are accessible, especially the feature to type and write stuff from the menubar being open and from the web. So can I live without it being perfect from the help files? Sure, really, who reads that stuff anyway and fi you can't figure it out, then should you really be using a computer? Having a collection of contact circles is useful too, so I don't have to clutter my contacts with stuff to then hide on my phone. Anyway, buy this now, this developer has a calling, he is doing it, now he needs to be supported.

    Mark Phillips has used this product for one week.
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  • meflowers331Sysadmin, Red Leaf IT Asset Recovery

    Great pricing model, super responsive developer, great concept


    Needs some polish and some core features but they're on the way

    After watching the preview video, I immediately took advantage of the sale (since there's a refund if needed within 3 days for any reason) and I've gotten a good feel for the app and whether it will fit with my workflow. I love that I'll own this forever for one price, that's so rare these days!

    The app has been running smooth for me besides when I tried deleting pictures I put in one field. The app crashed. Notified Noa and he said that it would be fixed soon.

    Overall it's hard to tell what each pod is meant to do without looking at the guide, but I'm figuring it out slowly. There's also an occasional graphical issue that others have pointed out, but definitely useable and sure to improve in the future.

    I'm really looking forward to the iOS app and syncing. That will help Pi fit into my workflow much better. For now I'm stuck saving things I need to access somewhere else because I'm afraid I'll need it and not have it, but it's unbeatable for quick notes and things like writing this review! Things I think I'll need elsewhere can be exported for the most part.

    All in all, I feel there's a lot of good things coming for this app. Noa has been very responsive to emails and I take that as a good sign.

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noaMaker@noagld Β· baking pi
Hi everyone, πŸ‘‹ Today I'm excited to launch Pi with the PH community! This is a project I've been working on day and night for the last couple of months and is now officially ready for the world. Pi was crafted to solve a common issue with a simple and effective solution. I noticed a lot of my "productivity" throughout the day was very inefficient and pretty hectic. I was constantly switching between browser tabs, always had 4-5 desktop spaces open and struggled to manage multiple projects/ideas between all of my tools and screens. I had more of my desktop dedicated to "productivity" than actual work. I knew I couldn't be the only one with this issue. There wasn't any one tool that could address all of my problems and the countless tools I came across either required a subscription πŸ™„ or were complete overkill. In the event I put together all of these tools I would be stuck paying never ending set of bills πŸ’° forever and my original issue of managing data between tools still wouldn't be solved. With no luck in sight I set out to build a simple, fast and effective productivity hub. So I created Pi. Replace your countless desktop spaces and windows with a single hub for all of your daily tasks. Pi offers an always accessible set of minimalist apps (pods) managed in one space. 13 pods for what you actually do everyday. No feature bloat. The global hotkey saves you from what I call the scroll of death πŸ’€. Having so many tabs and windows open you're left scrolling and scrolling until you scroll onto a random Youtube video or article. 45 minutes later you've gone down an endless spiral of videos and links but have got absolutely nothing done 🀦. We all do it but now those days are over. Now no matter where you are you can toggle Pi and instantly get access to whatever list, calendar, pinboard, etc. that you need. βœ… Global hotkey (works no matter what the active application is even in full screen mode) βœ… Quick access (hotkey and menu bar) βœ… Automatic saving (never lose anything) βœ… Collections for multiple projects/ideas βœ… Lightweight and fast βœ… Optimized for performance πŸ’ͺ (built with Swift + Xcode, no electron) βœ… Easy drag and drop βœ… Easy import and export βœ… Quick switch between collections βœ… No more scroll of death πŸ’€ βœ… Cool customizations (rain 🌧️, themes 🎨, emojis πŸŽ‰) βœ… Mobile app (coming soon) This launch is only the beginning. I have tons of updates, features and functionality planned in the roadmap. With the help and support of users we can make Pi the perfect productivity powerhouse it has the potential to be. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear all of your feedback! *Pi is launching with a 35% off discount! Thanks hunters!
Jacqueline von TesmarHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚑️
Hey @noagld, What was most difficult thing you ran into when building this app?
noaMaker@noagld Β· baking pi
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline. Overall I would say my biggest hurdle while building Pi was finding a good balance between including enough features for enhancing a user's daily proficiency while making each pod simple enough for users to use at first glance. I didn't want to include too little functionality where users would feel they were using an incomplete tool but also wanted to avoid overwhelming users with too many options. Ultimately I iterated until I found a sweet spot between effectiveness and simplicity. Anything that couldn't be used at least once a day was either removed or replaced with a more straightforward implementation. As far as development the pad pod was definitely one of the more challenging parts of this project.
Marcell@cellus_christie · I help you reach the right ppl 🎯
Oh god this is about to change everything Its like an advanced ThoughtTrain
noaMaker@noagld Β· baking pi
@cellus_christie thanks I hope so! I saw Thought Train the other day and really like the simplicity and straight to the point UX
Marcell@cellus_christie · I help you reach the right ppl 🎯
@noagld I have a relentlessley scattered brain so thank you for this haha
noaMaker@noagld Β· baking pi
@cellus_christie no problem I know exactly what you mean. Happy productivity!
Rami M. Amin@rmtux Β· Not a Growth Hacker
Is it only for Mac? Any Linux version planned?
noaMaker@noagld Β· baking pi
@rmtux yes macOS only for now. The next platform release would be iOS. Linux version is a possibility but no plans at the moment.
Rami M. Amin@rmtux Β· Not a Growth Hacker
@noagld Minimal one time payment productivity set of tools is a great idea.. All the best with that.
noaMaker@noagld Β· baking pi
@rmtux thanks! I appreciate the feedback. If Linux development starts I'll be sure to let you know
Rami M. Amin@rmtux Β· Not a Growth Hacker
@noagld And I'll be glad to beta test the Linux version 🐧 :) Thanks
Is there a way to keep the content in sync with other Macs? Does Pi integrate with Apple services, such as calendars or contacts?
noaMaker@noagld Β· baking pi
@finariel cloud sync will be added soon to sync everything between your other Macs (and your iOS devices once the app is released). Integrations with a host of different services, including Apple apps, are all on the roadmap