A URL shortener for the physical web

Physly is a url shortener specifically designed for the physical web. Shorten your URLs to ensure they work with Eddystone beacons.

http Without SSL on Physical Web

Physly will let you use http URLs with Physical Web beacons. Shorten your http:// URL with Physly and we will give you an https:// URL to use with your Eddystone beacons.

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This sounds interesting @zachary_levy :) What would be a good use case for it?
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@amrith Good if you're trying to broadcast your website with an Eddystone beacon but you don't have an https website.
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There seems to be an issue with the service. For example, Product Hunt adds a query parameter to a URL: `ref=producthunt`. And when I try to use the service to create a short link, it outputs whatever is in my address bar at the time + the actual unique part of the short URL. So basically if one navigates from Product Hunt to (so that is in the address bar) and tries to shorten a link to Google, for example, they would get this:
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@leva7 thanks fixed
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I don’t know what the “physical web” is. ✋
@mickc79 Websites for physical locations using beacons.
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