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Hi everyone, co-creators of Physio Health here! Working long hours in front of a laptop made us built this digital coach - to fit in mini stretches and meditation exercises to help us reset and gift ourselves a healthy break! We then added a small social network and a rewards network for extra motivation to get us moving. So as you run, cycle, walk, complete healthy reminders you get points you can spend on the WellMiles rewards network – like airmiles but for wellness. You can also track and like your friend’s healthy activities. Our team is quiet diverse with physiotherapists, yoga instructors, psychologists, gamers. We are all crazy about solving this question of how to get people moving. Please comment and let us know what parts you find helpful and what else could help motivate you individually. We really need your help! Product Hunt members can download the “Physio Health” app on iOS. Sign up using access code: HUNTNOW. Let us know if you have questions!
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Hi @melike_abacioglu_gunes, time to add my to monetise ur solution. It's amazing co-sales proposition, email me alex at
@alexvinogradov4 thank you for posting this. We'll connect!
Hey PH! Physio Health is an app that delivers 1-2 minute meditation and yoga exercises you can do during the day to de-stress and break up prolonged periods of sitting. They integrate with Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, Runkeeper and Swarm to give you points for running, cycling, walking and checking into the gym and doing their mini exercises. You can spend the points on prizes that range from discounts on electronics to cleaning services. Physio Health is on iOS and it’s free for Product Hunt users with the code HUNTNOW.
Download "Physio Health" on the app store, and access FREE with the code "HUNTNOW". Enjoy your mini breaks and rewards and let us know your feedback!
Really interesting concept, I'm an avid Apple Watch user and love the idea of gaining rewards other than taking care of my health. Why did you choose to take into account only steps and walking/running? Any plans on supporting the rest of workouts included with the workout app? I row indoors everyday and currently I wouldn't get any "WellMiles" for these workouts.
@piero_ruiz Thank you! Yes our walking and running integrations are only a start. We wanted to be able to gift the points to relatively more trackable activities. We want to increase our integrations - so hopefully yes. Please keep us posted
@piero_ruiz We are trying to figure out how to reward self reported data.. Are there any apps where you log your workouts so that we can communicate with that app with an api, pull the data and give rewards?
@firdevs You can fetch Active Energy directly from the Health App via a background query from HealthKit, pretty much the same way the Activity app reads workouts you did with apps such as Strava or Freeletics. This way you can read the workouts done by apps that integrate directly with Health without having to worry about compatibility issues down the line.
@piero_ruiz Thank you Pedro! We already have integration with apple health, will need to add active energy into the data we pull..
What kind of rewards are there?
@ray_sturm we have so you can get $50 off your apple tv or jawbone up or get $30 off handy house cleaning or discounts at gym studios. They are in the rewards tab :)