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@eriktorenberg @mmezzacca Thanks to both of you! phresh is all about making shopping for clothes on your phone as simple and elegant as possible. Our product is unique in that we greet the user with an endless stream of beautiful, individually curated products, allow them to save the ones they like and then buy them with seamless in-app payment. Again: keeping it as simple and utilitarian as possible while providing a sleek and entertaining experience. We're targeting a more mature, sophisticated consumer who doesn't have time for traditional shopping but still wants to look, the drop of a hat with no effort.
Shopping for clothes on your phone is still nearly impossible. We built phresh because we want to see all of the newest, coolest clothes from the best brands and boutiques from around the world in an instant, as well as purchase them in under 15 seconds.
@lauren4shizzle congrats on the launch! this is a hot space, as there are a bunch of similar companies there - what separates you guys? also, what inspired you to build this?
@lauren4shizzle Nice to see the TwoTap integration! Also like @eriktorenberg I'm wondering about differentiation... Specifically, aside from the seamless purchasing, what separates you from Strut?
@mmezzacca can't find you on the app btw-- is your FB under an alias?
@lauren4shizzle Downloaded but personally really don't like FB only login apps :/ But will give it a go later on tonight and report back
@mmezzacca hey thanks for the feedback! We have gotten that from a few other people so we are considering adding an email login. We use FB to grab your gender and your email so we can show you men's clothes without having to ask you if you're a guy (plus cleaner, less typing, etc). But at a minimum it should be clearer what info we're pulling because we can see it does make some people hesitant to log in-- thank you!
@lauren4shizzle Yeah exactly. As soon as I tapped the FB login and realized it was only requiring basic info I proceeded. Previously I had exited the app prior to getting to that point. So getting the messaging across may be important.
I love the mobile commerce space, and I think that it is in need of a major makeover. Excited to see where Phresh goes. This is a very competitive space, so I am curious to know what made you take the plunge?
@shapob You hit the nail on the head-- the space is still in need a major makeover. Many mobile shopping products borrow from their web counterparts for design and almost all redirect outside the app for purchase. We wanted to completely reimagine the experience on mobile to make it as simple, beautiful and native to the phone as possible. We want to be as sexy as Uber, as simple as Snapchat, as addictive as Tinder... with the curation of a Vogue or WWW and the instant gratification of a one-tap Amazon Prime purchase on your phone. And I personally was in need of a mobile product that I could actually trust as a source of the latest styles from top and emerging designers. As a consumer I don't have time to do my own research on what's cool every single day so I wanted ONE reliable mobile source to make this information accessible without searching.
@lauren4shizzle hey Lauren. Congrats! Your MVP looks very similar to something a friend and I were creating, but for a different vertical. Love to chat more about what we learned and what your plans are next!
@isaacsrda Thanks! I can see you're a big PH fan so appreciate you reaching out! Would be happy to chat; hit me up at anytime