Tinder for your camera roll. Make organizing your photos fun

Swipe up if you want to delete a photo and swipe left and right to move through your library, just like your normal photos app! You can also choose from which photo of your album you want to start swiping for a better experience.

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Hello everyone, I'm very excited to have PhotoTrash on Product Hunt today! PhotoTrash began when I started looking a way for me to delete all the screenshots on my iPhone, when I finished that app and deleted all my screenshots I felt relieved by not having to find and delete them one by one on my camera roll (because iOS 8 didn’t had an Screenshots album like iOS 9 does). I decided why not turn this into an actual app on the App Store. I began to expand a little the idea and this included to delete any photo, choose any album and obviously an album of screenshots that would allow you to see the full screenshots and not just a square preview of the screenshot, and that's how PhotoTrash was born, an app that lets you delete your photos in an easy, fast and fun way, plus several extra features like being able to share the photos, include them to your favourites album and also delete an entire album and even the entire camera roll. I really hope you like PhotoTrash as much as I do. I'll be here to answer all of your questions. ☺️
It occurred to me once that the greatest mobile UI ever build — Tinder — has only really worked for photos, and for all the apps that have tried Tinder for X, Flic is the second best Tinder for X. This looks quite similar but will try it.
Nice! Similar to which I have been using for a long time.
@rumford Cleen is free and there is no limit, it makes money through different idea: merchandising.
This is cool. Swipe left and right to organize your photo album -- which photos you want to keep and which ones to get rid of. Ask the maker @lfsalazar anything!
@nivo0o0 Thanks for posting PhotoTrash on Product Hunt 😃, I'll be here answering all the questions 😁!
Yeah this is great. Thanks @nivo0o0 and @lfsalazar