Photoshop Artboard Prototyping

Prototyping & collaboration for PS Artboards by InVision

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You’ve probably already heard the news that Adobe just announced Artboards in Photoshop CC 2015. The Photoshop and InVision teams have been working together closely to make sure the over 900K designers prototyping, presenting and collaborating with InVision can use this great new feature on day one. Read and watch more our blog: How do you see Photoshop Artboards improving your design workflow? -- Clark
Just when you think InVision can't possibly get any better... one day I want to hear the secret of how you they bust out features this quickly.
Wow invision keeps iterating and growing the product they're app just gets better
Yet another way to make our design processes flow! I've been really impressed with what InVision has been doing to help designers. Adding artboards support into Photoshop is something that's been long overdue!
@johnrwhaley Thanks for the love my man! Lots (and lots) more coming real soon!
A great addition to an already awesome product. Lovin' it.