Photoshop 101 by Designlab

Learn Photoshop in this free course + downloadable templates

A free and easy to follow 7 day email course on learning the basics of Photoshop.

Get familiar with Photoshop’s interface & tools and learn how to edit images, create a landing page, and even make your very own cat GIF 😻

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Harish Venkatesan
Co-founder/CEO @ Designlab
Hey PH 🏹 This is Harish, one of the co-founders of Designlab. We’re an online education company that teaches UI/UX design. Continuing with our free email course series on design tools, we’re happy to announce that we’re releasing Photoshop 101 today! Another email course? 📥 We released a free 7-day email course on Sketch back in December 2017 because we wanted to help beginners have an easier time with learning design tools. We had a great response from our students after releasing that course, and decided to continue with the email format — since it keeps content easy to digest and to revisit at a later point. Plus, we’re including freebies again like hotkey cheat sheets, downloadable templates, and more. Why Photoshop? 📷 Photoshop remains an industry standard and is an essential tool for many design teams. It’s important that our students are familiar with Photoshop and have access to a good learning resource for it. What’s next? 🤔 We’re looking to continue the trend of creating free tutorial content because it provides big value to our students, and it lets newcomers dip their toes into design without investing a ton of money. If you’ve got any suggestions on what we should look into next, let us know! Thanks for checking us out! 💖
Making and Letter 💌
This should be pretty useful as Photoshop has become more relevant for prototyping now, since you can open PSDs directly in XD 👍 (