Simple and elegant photo galleries with the power of Dropbox

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VERY clever idea. I don't have have a current use for it, but I know several photographer friends of mine that I know this will come in handy for. Great work Jack!
@amberlturner Thanks Amber! It's definitely one of those things that either is or isn't useful to people, but for those it is, man it's killer.
@jackmcdade I'm sure I will run across a need for it eventually, but it is really a killer product for photographers that used to have to do learn how to set up a website that does this.
@jackmcdade Interesting. I use statamic for my sites and recently built a simple gallery, this would have been much easier.
@tdavidson Depends on how you built that gallery :) But yeah this is crazy easy.
@jackmcdade will still test it out :)
Thanks everyone for checking out Photoshoot!
I love the Idea!! It's so simple!! We have the same vision at Evlaa where we help photographers to save time during their workflow. We should talk ( All the best Jack