Photos New Tab

Personal photos from your Google Photos in your browser tabs

See personalized, photos from Google Photos in your new browser tabs, getting your best memories in front of you throughout the day. You can choose which albums you want to see, and it also comes with a "presentation mode" to show generic photos for when you're working in public.

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Hey folks, Long time lurker, first time maker here. I made Photos New Tab because I wanted to solve the modern day problem we have with photos: actually looking at them. Nowadays, since it’s so easy to take photos, I do it constantly. Occasionally they get posted on social media, but really the majority of those photos go straight from my phone to the cloud and I never see them again. What if it didn’t have to be that way and we got to see our photos all the time? Photos New Tab solves that by putting your photos right where you spend 80% of your time on a computer: in your browser. So instead of languishing in the cloud, your photos pop in front of you throughout the day bringing back memories you would otherwise never have. It's kind of the computer equivalent of having random photos thrown on your wall every day. Google Photos does all the heavy lifting with things with auto-backup for Android and having a smart “assistant” that even makes albums for you. This extension takes the last step of actually getting those photos back in front of you inside Chrome. The extension also has album-based controls and a "non-personalized" mode you can use for presentations / coffee shops / pair programming, etc. I'd love to get your feedback and hope you like it!
Hey @czue I have been using this app for a couple days - and as someone who approaches infinite tabs - this app is a great addition to the browser. You've made a number small moments of my day better - thanks.
Thanks so much @davidsmooke! As an avid reader / writer of Hacker Noon I feel I also owe you thanks, so I was thrilled to get this feedback from you. Cheers.