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Share photo albums with nearby friends without Internet

Use Photor Albums to auto-share full-resolution device photos with nearby friends without internet. Perfect for places with unreliable or expensive internet.

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Hi PH, We created Photor Albums for one purpose: Internet cost and unavailability should not restrict anyone from sharing memories with friends and family who are anyways nearby. We have tried our best to keep the workflow as simple as we can. To share one would - create a new album - share the album link with friends - add photos to the album (existing or new) - once a friend accepts the album invitation, the photos will get transferred to his/her android device whenever he comes nearby Sharing happens in peer-to-peer manner i.e. photos/videos gets transferred directly from one android device to another. We would love get your feedback on the idea. Thank You, Team Photor Albums
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During vacations and trips, the single most annoying task is to sit with everyone and exchange photos with a number of people. Also, internet connection is not strong or available in most of the places, specially mountainous terrains or forests. The pain of coming home and managing those photos and videos, putting them under an album is more cumbersome and always takes up a lot of time.

Photor addresses all these problems with a single app and I love it. The ease with which your medias get synced (without internet) is unbelievable. Just click a picture and see it get synced with your entire group almost instantaneously, No more cutting pictures from one folder to another and creating albums, photor does that for you too.

The only drawback of this app is the lack of iOS support which alienates the iPhone users from the entire group. Otherwise, being an android user, this is my goto app for photo sharing and management. Kudos guys.


A very simple-to-use app, enables sharing all media files without the hassle of internet connectivity.


No iOS support.

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Thank you Abhishek Javali for such an awesome and elaborate review. The use case you mentioned is the primary motivation behind this app. For the improvement part, we did start working on iPhone version of the app some times back but had to park it in favour of Android launch. We will soon be resuming work on it.