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Jason Weddington
CEO, Digithrive
Hi everyone! I created PhotoQueue, feel free to hit me up with questions. PhotoQueue caters specifically to photographers. I build PhotoQueue because, as a photographer, I needed a good for social media scheduling. There are plenty of general purpose social media schedulers out there, but none that meet the needs of serious photographers. I took a quick look at PixBuf. They are off to a great start with a clean and simple design. However I don't see very much granularity in scheduling options, and there are several "power user" features that we've implemented in PhotoQueue that are missing from PixBuf: 1. With PhotoQueue you can choose to use the embedded title, description, and tags from the image metadata when sharing photos. Most photographers will organize their digital library using something like Lightroom or Adobe Bridge. The photos will already be titled and tagged when exported from that app. As a photographer, I don't want to have to do that work all over again in my upload scheduler. I saw that with PixBuf, the embedded title was not used, I would have to type a title again, even though my image was already titled in Lightroom. 2. With PhotoQueue, you can specify that photos will be uploaded and added to albums for networks that support albums. Currently we support uploading and adding to albums for Flickr, Facebook, 500px, and Zenfolio. 3. With PhotoQueue, you can control privacy / visibility settings for Flickr, Facebook, and 500px. 4. With PhotoQueue, you can control NSFW flags on networks that support such features. Currently that is Flickr and 500px. I implemented the above features because as a serious photographer who is active on social media, a scheduled uploader needs all of those things in order to replace the manual practice of uploading directly from Lightroom, or with a site-specific upload tool.
Nice idea. Just curious: how is this different from PixBuf? Other than the subscriptionprice I mean. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Ryan MacCarthy
Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
@t55 PixBuf looks great. I've been happy with postcron.com as well. They offer a bit more granularity and options (including csv upload), but for $7/mo.
Filip MolcanLiving in the mountains
@t55 The difference is that Pixbuf is free and without any limitations ;-)