Insert an img or short vid and get some vaporwave art

I was searching for a way to make vaporwave / glitch backgrounds and came across this rad site. I uploaded my logo up, and 20 mins later I had a whole bunch of webm, gifs, and jpegs saved. It is a blast to just hit the "mosh" button to get a random creation.
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Love this! Found some really cool combinations.


Awesome effects!


Easier GUI maybe.

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Cool. Would be nice to have an option to just display in full screen
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Used the googles and searched for "vaporwave video background from image". Next thing you know PhotoMosh popped up and gave me what I desired as a warm blood magical human beast.
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Very easy to use and very cool effects. Already used for a long time.
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One of my favorites. Really cool for blog cover photos 👍
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