Photolemur 3.0

Even your dog can make great photos with Photolemur 3

The world's first fully automated photo editor that makes all images great with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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53 Reviews4.7/5
Hi Producthunters! I’m Nazar from the Photolemur team. Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! We are always happy to come back. 😺 First of all - we’re here to get any product feedback you all have. WHAT’S PHOTOLEMUR 3 ABOUT? Photolemur is the world’s first really fully automated photo editing solution for creating perfect photos powered by Artificial Intelligence and our proprietary photo editing technologies. It works on Mac and PC, automatically analyzes and perfects your images, and doesn’t require any manual involvement. The new, 3d version of the app got HUGE improvements: - Now it can identify and automatically retouch faces. - Photolemur 3 can enlarge eyes (if you want). - We've added Styles. Now you can not only remove all the imperfections of the image, but also add one of our six styles that have been chosen by none-other than artificial intelligence. Try Apollo on your landscape shots, Fall on all your favorite leaf shots, and Spirited to instantly give your photos an artistic feel. Whatever you choose, rest assured that the end result will be brilliant.  The graphic interface of the app itself is simple and intuitive. It already got he Red Dot Award 2018. We believe, that it's the easiest user interface for photo software in the world. Even kids, or .. dogs can do great photos with Photolemur. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The good news for early-birds! The first 15 wishers will get a free license for Photolemur app. Also, today all our hunters can get Photolemur 3 with 50% off, just say your “yes’ in comment!
@nazarpanchyshyn Free license ? Sign me up!
@nazarpanchyshyn sounds too good to be true. Yes, please.
@chrismessina @nazarpanchyshyn Love the direction where Photolemur is heading. Versions 1 and 2 were great, but version 3 really sets a new standard. The addition of Styles is very nice, turning Photolemur into a standalone tool to optimise photos for different sorts of media.
Congrats, guys! U are the best!

I use it often when I need to process a batch of photos from a street photo walk or an event.


Saves time for mass photo catalogues


A bit slow on RAW files

Photolemur is usually the first step in my photo editing workflow.

I edit the majority of photos with it, and then select some for further processing. With the new version, most of the photos look good to me!


The best user experience in my life. Extremely easy to use


Nothing I can think of

It's crazy how far consumer AI technology is coming! How does it understand if it's underexposed or highlights are blown?
@aaronoleary the technology is tuned to understand the image and to make it maximum balanced in terms of color, WB, exposure, etc. If the image is RAW - the tech will have more information. But with JPEGs it's still doing great job. Do you want to try?