Photolemur 2.0

Perfect your photos automatically with the help of AI

The world's first automated photo enhancement solution for Mac and Windows using image recognition, artificial intelligence, and a little bit of real-world magic.

Eugeny Plokhoj
Abhi Muktheeswarar
Roman Mogylnyi
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  • Lynne Pariseau
    Lynne PariseauAlways looks for photo editing programs

    easy to use


    make it a Plugin for Photoshop Elements please.

    great product - congrats!

Hi, Producthunters! I'm Nazar, one of the guys behind Photolemur. Big thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us! 😺 First of all - we’re here to get any product feedback you all have 🙏 Everyone who will be among the first 50 ‘feedbackers', will get a free license for the Photolemur app.🦄 SO, WHAT’S PHOTOLEMUR ABOUT? Photolemur is the world’s first really fully automated photo editing solution for creating perfect photos powered by image recognition and Artificial Intelligence. It works on Mac and PC, automatically analyzes and perfects your images, and doesn’t require any manual involvement. The truth is, that any photo editing software can make photos look good. Photolemur does it automatically. The app doesn’t change the image or bring in effects, it reveals the hidden details that made the image great in the first place. It brings natural, vivid looks to photos, just the way we see with our eyes, and the way we remember a scene. With the most advanced groundbreaking tech inside, based on image recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Photolemur challenged all camera flaws and imperfections to make your photos even better. After 8 years of developing photo editing tools, consultation with tens of dozens award-winning and professional photographers, and analyzing over 700,000 photos, we released the app that knows just which part of your photo needs to be fixed for that perfect end result. For us, it’s a kind of re-invention of digital photography (we believe that Photolemur is changing the way people process their images). WHAT’S NEW IN PHOTOLEMUR 2.0 🥒 New UX - After the launch of the first version of the Photolemur app for Mac OS in December 2016, we rebuilt the UX from the ground up to bring the seamless photo editing workflow of drag-drop-experience to both Mac and PC users. MAC and PC - Photolemur is available now for Mac and PC platforms Enhanced technology - The technology behind have also received an update in its algorithms after almost one million photos have been analyzed. Once again, we’re here to get your feedback, so, please download the app from the website, write a feedback and get your free License!🙏 UPD: Today we launched on Setapp, amazing new Marketplace for Mac Apps from @kosovan @graver_ua and @yaroslav_s, so you can try us there
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@erictwillis @nazarpanchyshyn Seem to be missing this, but what's the difference with the Mac App Store version? (Besides being a version behind :) )
@rgoodwin there is no Photolemur 2.0 on the Mac App Store now. Only first version. We plan next big update in a month and after that the new version will appear there
Wow! Congrats on launching! 🔥🔥🔥
@graver_ua thanks man!
Photolemur 1.0 which I hunted 10 month ago was already an excellent phototool, but version 2 is even better. Love the new UX and the demise of the subscription thingy. Glad that the Photos extension is still there. Wish I could finetune the settings sometime though and add some of my own I instead of the AI, especially when the enhancement is a just a tiny bit too much.
@t55 Probably, there’s no word that can describe how happy we are while reading such warm words. Thanks!
@yuriy_krisarchuk It's been a joy since the first beta's. The AI part is truly remarkable. Most of the time it's just about perfect.
@t55 Thank you!
​So cool you have versions for Mac and Windows. I’m a travel addicted fellow who wants to capture every bright moment, every centimeter, every smile, and every step. Just imagine the amount of photo I usually make:) So, here is the question, should I drop every single photo in Photolemur? It’ll be time consuming…
@pavlo_kuznetsov Thank you for your comment! Upload all your photos in bulk. Just on the fly. Besides, Photolemur perfectly deals with landscapes, horizons, and other wonders of nature. It can be a helping hand for those who practice travel photography.
@yuriy_krisarchuk It’s cool, I must say. What about a mobile version, any plans?
@pavlo_kuznetsov On a way, we’re working on it!=)
@yuriy_krisarchuk Awesome Thanks guys, I’ll keep an eye on your updates. One more thing, don’t go nuts if you’ll see a bug report from me. Just kidding.
@pavlo_kuznetsov Thanks Pavlo! You can watch our video by the way. It’s here
Happy to announce, that Photolemur 2.0 just have joined @Setapp \m/
@setapp @graver_ua We are stoked!