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Hey, Hunters! I am Nazar, CMO at Photolemur; I’m happy to introduce the easiest way to enhance your photos. Photolemur is the world’s first fully automatic photo enhancement solution, specially tailored for regular people with little-to-no knowledge of photo editing. It helps to make any photo much better through a user-friendly interface, with the help of unique technology. It is the next generation artificial intelligence that automatically performs complex image improvements, which traditionally require manual control, human involvement & time. The mission of Photolemur is to bridge the gap between what our eyes see and what our cameras take. Photolemur doesn’t alter the reality of your photos but makes them more vivid, beautiful and natural. Just like you see the world. Our goal is simple: help millions of people on Planet Earth get more vivid memories from any photo without complicated manual image editing. Photolemur is currently available for Mac only. But we have a PC, web and Mobile versions in development.
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@nazarpanchyshyn Awesome execution and will definitely try it out. The average person will most likely take pictures in jpg. Does this handle compression and remnant artifacts well enough post tuning algorithm?
@davidsfeng Thanks! Now it works better with RAW images, but we are working on jpeg enhancement algorithms, and I believe it will work also perfect
will you have Android support?
@lisadziuba Yes, we plan it for 2017
This is pretty cool. Well done Photolemur team! I've been an avid fan of Picasa in the past (for the quick and easy/rewarding workflow) until I decided to move on to Lightroom for some finer grain control with my photography. This is a pretty neat start for someone who wants a quick edit. I tried it out and it definitely breathed some life into the pic (though it did add a fair bit of noise and saturation as well, but I guess that's part of the ML that'll improve over time). I did tinker around with the Realistic/Vivid setting but it seemed to make the noise even more prominent. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, nice job de-hazing (that's my favorite part of LR) and I do like the Facebook integration as well. Edit - I also just realized that the image links (below) got hopefully I didn't spam this thread with the image previews Here is the original RAW image view - This is the initial preview of the image using PL - This was the final outcome -
@sarthakgrover Thanks for feedback! Highly appreciate your screenshots
Great new photography tool that does the tricky, time consuming photo enhancing process for you to create beautiful images. Cool stuff!
@t55 thanks for hunting us!
@t55 Thank you for supporting Photolemur on @Producthunt!!!
When do you think the beta will come out for PC?
@kengu_rut We plan to launch PC version of Photolemur in January 2017. Stay tuned!
@kengu_rut You can signup for Windows version here
@nazarpanchyshyn @kengu_rut Looks cool. Will both the MAC and Widows versions be released at the same time?
@abhisihelp @kengu_rut Mac version Beta is available now and we start sells in a month. Win version will be released in December-January 2017