PhotoLab Bot

Twitter bot adds Xmas spirit to your photos

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Hello, ProductHunters! I’m proudly introducing you Twitter @Photolab_bot which will add visual effects if you tweet it a picture of your choice. The bot is all brand new, we've launched it yesterday, so for now it can get you a bunch of Christmas effects (xoxoxo). The concept of Twitter @Photolab_bot is to add some fun to your routine holidays and as much fun to your images as you like. You send tweet with a photo (attached, link on web image or reference to Instagram photo), use a special hashtag and @Photolab_Bot answers you with already garnished picture. Basically the bot can throw in some visual effects very fast so you could have fun without any bothering. And that could come very handy during the Christmas time. To cut a long story short check it out. We are excited to get all the feed you might want to share with us. Hope you enjoy it! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
Looks neat! Do you plan to add more filters and hashtags? I'm not a fan of holidays so I would wait for Game of Thrones filter :)
@galeriks Hi! Sure, we're planning to add more filters and tags. We've recently added New Year tags. You can check them out at our site. P.S. Great idea with Game of Thrones filter. Thanks :)