Automatically get all the photos friends' take of you

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
How does this differ to your previous app, Knoto? @JonasPhillipLee
Jonas Lee
Jonas LeeMaker@jonas_lee · CEO, PhotoKharma, Inc.
Good question. With PhotoKharma, the photos that friends have of you are structured as individual albums that build over time, like "Jonas' photos of Ben." With Knoto, you'd receive a single stream of photos mixed from different friends, which made it a bit confusing and less permanent. We also really simplified the interface to focus on our core points of differentiation. @bentossell @jonasphilliplee
Jonas Lee
Jonas LeeMaker@jonas_lee · CEO, PhotoKharma, Inc.
Hi all! PhotoKharma helps you automatically get all the photos friends take of you or your kids. Just launched it (iOS only), so we'd really appreciate any feedback. Basically, PhotoKharma uses face recognition to let you access all of the photos of you on your friends’ phones (with their permission of course). You give your close friends access to the photos they’re in, and in return they give you access to the photos you’re in. Once you have access, you can download the photos you love--or ask to delete the photos you hate. Wrt privacy, you can also block any photo you want. Let us know what you think of the app—thanks!
tini wini japa neezy
tini wini japa neezy@yougeekybastard · Graphic Designer
Could you please make it available on the Australian app store?
Jonas Lee
Jonas LeeMaker@jonas_lee · CEO, PhotoKharma, Inc.
Travis Garland
Travis Garland@garlandtravis · CEO @
Fantastic app for getting photos of yourself, even the ones you didn't know about. The product integrates seamlessly with Facebook, so I don't have to have all of the phone numbers of people I'm tagging in my photo albums. Photokharma gets straight to the point with their facial recognition; by providing a service that gets me the photos I care about the most. The ones of myself😉.
Ankur Gaur
Ankur Gaur@nkr_gaur · Ridely, Co-Founder
Any plans for an Android version? Also, seems like the website has the country picker flag messed. Do have a look.
Jonas Lee
Jonas LeeMaker@jonas_lee · CEO, PhotoKharma, Inc.
@nkr_gaur Thanks. We'll figure out the flag for Android, it will be a few months.