Photojojo Iris Lens Series

Professional phone lenses for everyday photo makers.

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Hey, thanks for checking out Iris Lenses...we've been working super hard on them so we're pretty happy they're finally here! We really just wanted to make lenses that were easy to use and had great design. This meant working with the cases you already love to use on your phone and coming up with a unique method of getting it on your phone. We think the solution we've come up with is really fun and will up your photo game. It's cool you're swinging by this page. Feel free to ask me anything about the product...I'm hanging out to answer anything. Thanks! UPDATE: Thanks for the questions everyone. Please keep asking, as I'll check this every so often. Also, I took a lot of photos of our development of Iris and we'll be sharing them on Instragram, @photojojo and my personal account, @kspencetagram (feel free to follow me ;) )
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@kspence Hey Kevin this looks awesome...I'm thinking of offering this up to our users just in time for the holidays. We should talk about partnering app Audrey is in the mobile photography space. What's some of the key differences between you guys and Moment Lens?
@nicholassheriff Biggest difference is mounting onto any case while maintaining image quality. That's something no one has done before. Email me at
Been waiting for these since I first heard about it this spring, can't wait to try them out!
@nrose Thanks dude! It's been hard keeping it all a secret for all this time because we've been developing it for some time. You can see some of the development on
I like the concept for sure. Could be great competition to the other one out there (we all know which one that is). Right away, I'm a bit concerned if this will stay on your phone long term and if it will still be easy to hold your phone with this attachment.
@bryansarnold thanks for the comment. The connection is actually very robust. A super thin (0.7mm) alignment plate is used between your phone and case so this makes it really easy to fit onto your phone and makes sure it's properly aligned, securely. We spent a lot of time making sure it's very secure but also easy to use. Like you could crowd surf around a mosh pit and I'm pretty sure your lens would be solidly in place.
@bryansarnold For your second question: I've got medium sized hands and haven't had problems gripping with Iris.
Really like what you came up with especially not needing a case. Any chance they still work with an iPhone 5s?
@intradox Hey Gil, good question. We'll be releasing more adapters for the most popular phones, based on voting from the community. Power to the people! You can vote here:
Thanks for the questions everyone. I took a lot of photos of our development of Iris and we'll be sharing them on Instragram, @photojojo and my personal account, @kspencetagram (feel free to follow me ;) )