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A web app for photographers to share how, when, and where to capture the world's most amazing photo locations. Submissions are curated by a team of professional photographers. Mobile app launching Q3 2020.
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Looks like a very interesting idea! Haven't signed up yet but I did check out the website. I couldn't see any mapview.. is it there?
@singhamardeep Hello - it's there when you log in. Hope you enjoy the site
@mathewbrowne Great! will check out
The background image that scrolls along with the page scroll is done very nicely. Love the site as well and have shared it with a few friends. Thank you for the share and good luck!
@suibinhong Thank you so much!
Seems really cool! Will shoot this over to some photographers I know.
@steven_irvin Fantastic, thanks so much!
Damn! What a wonderful idea. This is awesome!
We hope the photographers of Product Hunt find our app helpful. It's free to sign up - let us know any bugs, feedback, and feature requests all welcomed.