A native Mac app for Instagram

#4 Product of the DayAugust 07, 2015
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This is basically the equivalent of the native Twitter app, or Tweetbot, for the Mac. It's fast, slick, pretty to look at — and @kennywalker is super responsive to feedback. When I wake up tomorrow I'll share some promo codes a few of your lucky hunters can try it out!
Hi everyone, I’m the developer of Photoflow and happy to answer any questions! Thanks for the hunt, @chrismessina!
@kennywalker Any plans to add in ability to post from the app? If you add that you have a new customer here 👍
Hey! sounds interesting, I assume though that you can't upload photos from there, right?
@yoavush Correct. Photos can’t be uploaded due to an API limitation.
@kennywalker @yoavush I've been using just fine to upload to instagram from my mac for the past few months. It seems like there is some way to do it.
@2y4u_ @yoavush doesn't work anymore..
@yoavush I was going to comment : how long before it gets banned :)
@jpvalery @yoavush yep, sounded suspicious :)
I like it! Answers a need on desktop, especially for marketers.