PhotoFeeler 2.0

Choose the perfect profile photo using hard data

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Is that picture, that you really like yourself on, suitable for your business or social media account? Test exactly what feeling will it evoke to your audience with Photofeeler. Strangers will vote and express their opinion on the components that you have selected to give you the perfect profile picture suggestion.




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Jose VieitezHunter@josevieitez · Director @ Boomtown Accelerators
Congrats to the PhotoFeeler team on their last big release! PhotoFeeler is crowdsourced photo testing. You test your photos for traits: competent, likable, influential, confident, authentic, fun, smart, trustworthy, attractive. Voters also write comments to give you specific insight about the impression they're getting or suggestions to improve your photo. Really polite and constructive community. The product's come a long way in the last year or so: - Now you can test photos for business, social, or dating profiles - Voting scale has changed to 0-3 with corresponding text of No, Somewhat, Yes, Very. Has made it way easier to vote and to interpret results - Displays results as Ranks (a percentile that pits you against all photos in their database, normalized by their algorithms for statistical accuracy) and a Scores breakdown that shows raw voting data - All-new design, interface, onboarding
Ann PierceMaker@annpierce · Co-founder, PhotoFeeler
@josevieitez Thanks for hunting us, Jose! We've definitely come a long way. It's a little exhausting to even think about!
Seamus Nally@seamus5 · Chief Product Officer, QwipIt
I used this product to find my twitter and linkedIn photo. The most brilliant thing is its use of social currency. You rank other people's photos and in return they rank yours. The more you help rank others the more feedback you'll get on your own. It is pretty helpful to have more than just your mom's opinion of your picture before going ahead and making it the face you present to the world on the every growing number of public profiles we all have.
Ann PierceMaker@annpierce · Co-founder, PhotoFeeler
@seamus5 That's awesome to hear Seamus! Appreciate it
Ann PierceMaker@annpierce · Co-founder, PhotoFeeler
A PhotoFeeler founder here. Would love your feedback. Happy to answer any questions.
Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · VP Product @ AIrhelp
OKcupid face test was edging on this. I'm glad someone has dedicated to it.
Jose VieitezHunter@josevieitez · Director @ Boomtown Accelerators
Ran one of my recent photos through.... Darn, looks like I'll have to stop using it! Here are my results