Test your profile photos for douchiness...

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LOL, it was a little difficult for me during the onboarding too, but I liked the results part. I liked that people who probably don't know me are rating my picture for stuff (more of an unbiased rating).
Aaaaand here are my results:
@rrhoover @nglaros How'd you feel the results were of this? Find anything like this out there since last year? Happen to be looking for something exactly like this at the moment and am curious if there's something better out there...
This looks like a trap... I'll give it a try. The on-boarding is really rough. I uploaded a photo and was taken to a screen to submit it for review. Immediately I was presented an error saying I didn't have enough credits without clear instructions of how to get more. I assumed I had to vote on other people to get them so I did. Just submitted my photo for review. We'll see how people judge me. :)

Guys achieved gathering enough users to give a lot votes. Any day any week is possible to get opinions, even for specific age or gender. The carma scheme and AI which tracking fairness working great. Thanks for this product, it's really helpful. I have much more client after I got votes and changed photo. Previous photo was too bad, but I even didn't realized what thought could have people because in face nobody tells the truth. I bought some credits to get more high level of voters (though it worked good even with free access) and for thankful to this service. Definitely will use in future.

I hope you have good enough monetization and will not close or disallow free using, people don't know how good works, also need support enough votes. So current model is a best, otherwise you always can ask for donations like it does Wikipedia, Videolan, Audocity. Pretty sure you have a lot of appreciative users.


Smart scheme-people going help each other and do it diligently, visual result is perfect and clean, anonymity helps say the truth.


Differences between cultures is not considering. Though for profession topic is always one slant, social and dating is biased