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Integrate a customizable photo editor into your app easily

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Hey Hunters, Really excited to see our SDK here on PH, we’re honored! We started working on the project a couple of years ago @9elements, as we were developing apps for clients we regularly needed to implement photo editing routines, like cropping or adding text, filters or stickers to an image. When we had to integrate these again and again, platform after platform, we decided to build a photo editing library and distribute it as an SDK. Since then, our SDK has grown to become an extensive photo editing suite for HTML5, iOS and Android with more than 30 million monthly photo edits, helping hundreds of developers to focus on what’s important: their core business. We are proud that companies such as HP, Reuters or Shutterstock are trusting in our product and team. And recently, we hit an important milestone with our latest update: boosting the performance of our mobile editors, introducing serialization and presenting a first live preview of our redesigned HTML5 Editor ( I couldn’t think of a better place to ask for help and feedback on our SDK. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what is good, what we could improve, what’s missing or what’s unnecessary. But we’d also love to give you the chance to get a thorough hands-on test phase for our SDK in case you are looking for photo editing functionalities for your product. So, we’re extending our standard trial from 14 to 30 days for the PH community! Cheers, Eray
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If you are interested you can signup for a 30 day trial at
@eray @9elements congrats man, looks awesome!
@cpresc, cheers man!
Wow, looks impressive
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Hi @frank_thelen, thanks. We appreciate that you like it.
When you look at modern iOS and Android apps that do something with Photos: by now they all come with quite advanced editing features like filters and captions. While these are table stakes by now they might not be something you want to actually build yourself. 🌆🏙🌃🌅 With PhotoEditor SDK you can focus on the core user experience of your app and leave the photo editing heavy lifting to @eray and @danielhauschil1
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PhotoEditor SDK alumnus here and I can honestly say that this product is the Beez Kneez! I think a lot of developers are jaded when it comes to the Developer Experience of most SDK products, but these guys really put your sanity as an engineer front and center :)
Been using this for almost a year now (back when they were still Codebase has improved a bunch in the past year. By far, the best option out there. Team is usually pretty responsive over email/github issues.