Copy and share text from an image within a few clicks

PhotoCopyThis is a simple tool to help you copy text from an image.
- Using a photo from your albums, or taking a photo to copy the text
- Automatic language detection, supporting 60 languages
- Integrate with Siri shortcuts to help you quickly launch the app
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Great Idea! Does this support translations from one language to another as well?
@rohitsangaraju7 It does not do translation for now, but it is something I consider building for future release!
Now google photos does it. Read text from screenshots or any image using google lens.
@akmnitt thank you for sharing! This is really close to what I am trying to build! I will do some research and see whether I can make mine different than google lens (or just use google lens)
R u using ml or third party api or libs like opencv ?
@yaswanthsvist1 I am using mix of IOS Vision API and Google Vision