Photochain is a new generation of content marketplaces

Photochain is a new generation of content marketplaces enabled by blockchain and AI technology that, for the first time, allows any contributor to have full control over the price, copyright and licensing of their digital images.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
>> support fairer world for content creators! << Especially during Corona Times, where many, many freelance photographers struggle to pay their bills ... Please, spread on the word!!!
@guidokoppesfoto thank you for you feedback!
Sounds like a great new and fair way for photo licensing
@peter_monien thank you for you feedback! Yes, besides the financial benefits, Photochain provides is a future proved approach for license management on a public database (Ethereum Blockchain!
They have a far more realistic approach to what buyers want technically which recognises that so much content is now purely online rather than print medium.
Very interesting solution for the license Management!
@jeannette_hg indeed, the license management based on blockchain is in our opinion a future proven approach, which will reduce legal claims and license chaos!