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It's not clear to me, how is this better than just using Dropbox?
@guy 1. It's easier than use Dropbox to share your photos (just give it a try). Also you're able to manage your photos. Just as example: You were on the conference and have contacts in different formats: Facebook, Linked In, business cards, iMessage requests with email etc. Just take photos of business cards, make screenshots from other sources. Then you select photos, upload them to Dropbox (or other cloud), shared link available immediately and this link ONLY to folder with this photos, you don't need to choose which photos to share, you don't have a mess of links. Than you can delete transferred photos, after transfer from app. I'm a big fan of Dropbox, but I have a lot of pain when I need to share photos with somebody. 2. It supports Live Photos, so you're able to backup them as .gif, .mov or 3. It supports Google Drive and Flicker as well 4. Handy filters to find videos, photos and live photos 5. You're also able to transfer photos to your computer (it doesn't matter which OS you use) via Wi-Fi 6. You can receive and send photos to another iOS devices. I know many use cases when Dropbox app doesn't fit, but still I love it :)
@plokhoj Thanks for the answer.
@guy or for that matter?
Photo Transfer allows you to transfer, backup and share your videos and photos (including Live Photos) privately, quickly and in full resolution. Free space on your device with Rapid Photo Transfer. We’ve created Image Transfer app - one of the best transfer apps on the App Store with more than 5 million downloads. This experience and feedback from our customers allowed us to create Rapid Photo Transfer with advanced transfer technologies, beautiful interface and helpful features. Here are some of our features: . Transfer photos and videos to computer and vice versa without additional software . Live Photos support. You can share with friends or backup your live photos as .mov, .gif or even format. . Fast and handy transfer to the connected cloud drives: Dropbox, GoogleDrive and Flickr. . Incredible share features. You’re able to share transferred photos right after they were transferred: via email, iMessages or just copy short URL and share it wherever you want. . Free space on your device. You’re able to delete transferred photos and keep your iPhone storage clear. It’s just a few features (but they are amazing, right?) and many more are coming soon. So, give it a try and send us your feedback.
@plokhoj >Image Transfer app - one of the best transfer apps on the App Store with more than 5 million downloads. That's pretty awesome. Never heard of this app till now but will definitely try it out, syncing pics through mac photos app and dropbox autosync always end up in some kind of mess..
@plokhoj Can I transfer directly to Photos for Mac? Will I lose any meta date (date, time, location, etc)?
Great app! Thanks for your work, guys!
What are the in-app purchases?
@tomflemming you can send up to 5 photos and 1 video at a time forever for free. No ads, no subscriptions. If you need to transfer or backup more than 5 photos at a time, you'll be prompted for one-time purchase of pro version.
@tomflemming it's $2.99. You're also able to download paid version without any in-apps -