Photo Map

Let your photos tell the story

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2019
Photo Map is a brand new app that uses your photos to tell the story of the places you’ve visited. Your trip photos are found automatically and combined together on the map to create a beautiful composite of all the places you’ve been.
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I first prototyped Photo Map at a hackathon in 2017, but just recently found time to turn it into a shippable product! Read more on my blog:
I think you'll dig this, @suzywillow.
Beautiful app! Congrats! ♥️ If you can make autogenerated movies of entire trips, with the map as the focus, this would take off for Instagram!
Looks good. In the future I would like to see more detailed maps, where I can zoom into places I have been to and see their pics.
@ibaard What level of detail do you have in mind? Could you give an example? Perhaps from one of your recent trips :)
Is it available for every country? considering I live in India
@yash Yes! Photo Map includes a map of World Counties, maps of each continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America), and maps of some large counties (the US, Canada, and Australia). Photo Map uses high-resolution GeoJSON shapefiles to store how different regions are shaped, and to filter photo location coordinates by region. It’s pretty easy to add new maps once I have high-resolution shapefiles, so it would theoretically be pretty easy to add a map of the states of India, or any other country!