Photo Find

Navigate to the exact spot a photo was taken

Photo Find now supports AR. Paste or select a photo, then hold up your phone to see where it was taken.

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While hiking in the woods I wanted a way to get back to trees where certain types of mushrooms were growing. Since photos have location data, I thought this would be a simple way. I'd love to hear any other creative uses people can think of!
Very very cool
This is pretty cool, congrats on the launch @gohnjanotis! I see a few different use cases here-- 1) Being able to go exactly where someone else took a picture. 2) Bookmarking physical places for my own memory, using nothing more than my phone and a quick photo. 3) Would be pretty cool to combine this around the business card exchange. When receiving a business card from someone after I meet them, I can take a photo of the card and then remember that person easier based on where I met them. Excited to play with Photo Find!
I'm curious, does any service (iMessage/Gmail/etc.) strip the geotag metadata from images to protect users? I recently read how this metadata helped the FBI track down a hacker:
@jordanmessina This app uses EXIF data in JPEGs. Originally I tried to build it in JavaScript, but iOS actually does strip out EXIF data from images uploaded through file upload fields so it didn't work with Safari, Chrome, or any browser. (Took me a while to figure this out before finding a few threads like this: So far I've tested a few different combinations of sending and receiving... Email: If it's a full size JPEG that had EXIF data originally, it seems to work. If the photo has been resized with built-in iOS resizing features, however, location doesn't seem to be preserved. iMessage: Seems to work if you add the photo from your library or paste the photo in, but last time I tested when I took a photo within the Messages app location data is NOT saved. Text: I haven't had success sending it through SMS between iPhones or from Android to iPhone. I don't know if this is actively being stripped or just getting stripped along the way with some compression. The iOS Camera app saves location data with photos when Airplane Mode is not turned on. In other apps, it seems like its up to the app to look up the location and save it with the photo. Otherwise the location doesn't seem to be saved.
@gohnjanotis @jordanmessina Great info on EXIF data. Working on something that uses it so anything I can learn about it is helpful.
Great app! Can use this daily to figure out where I parked my car XD