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Hello, Product Hunters! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Aviary: we offer an easy-to-use photo editing platform for Android, iOS, and Web. Although Photo Editor has been around for a while now, we just pushed a big update to our Android app, redesigned specifically for Android’s Material Design. This is the first time our Android app has ever had a proper redesign, as we initially modeled it after our iOS app. So, we're really excited to be announcing it here on PH. If you want to learn more about what went into the redesign, I encourage you to check out the redesign's project page on Behance: Our mission is simple: democratize creativity by making powerful, yet intuitive creative tools available to anyone and everyone. To that end, our editor is designed to be extremely accessible and usable. It’s powerful enough for high-quality image editing, but intuitive enough for even your grandparents or your kids to use. In addition to powerful editing tools, we also offer dynamic in-app content. Each week we push out new effects, stickers, frames, and overlay packs. Using these packs, you can really customize or personalize your photo editing experience. By the way - our editor is also available as an iOS, Android, or Web SDK through Adobe’s Creative SDK. If you want to learn more about the SDK, visit or just let me know here and I can point you in the right direction. Hope you like today’s app update!
@mignano I've previously had some trouble with the Creative SDK (I was really only after the Aviary stuff) but may try again. I couldn't quite figure out if the SDK allows the developer to offer their own stickers. Is that possible with the SDK?
@sammybauch Hey Sam - really sorry to hear you had some trouble. Shoot me an email at mike at aviary dot com and I’d be happy to help you get set up with the CSDK and solve any problems you’re having. Regarding custom stickers: our team is actively working to enhance customization options for partners integrating the Creative SDK Image Editing component. Custom content/stickers is definitely on the roadmap!
@mignano Is there any chance at all that, after the acquisition by Adobe, you might be bringing back the suite at some point. It's still dearly missed. I love Aviary, and thanks for making all of the add-ons free with the Adobe ID. Smart move too, I'll bet.
@jkdncn Thanks for the note, Jake. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to revive the old Aviary suite. And no worries about the content add-ons - we're glad you like them!
Big fan of Aviary. Love this update.
Aviary alum in the house. The product is the best.
@mignano What differentiates your photo editor from others?
@corleyh I’d say we have two main differentiators: -Usability / Simplicity: There are a lot of mobile photo editors out there that do really amazing things, but we feel that most of them have either relatively steep learning curves, limited functionality, and/or low quality output. Photo Editor by Aviary is extremely intuitive, full-featured, AND powerful. We really strive to make every tool dead-simple to use. We have a rule here that says if a tool isn’t intuitive enough for your grandparents, it’s too complicated. We make an effort to never rely on user discovery - the UX should be clear enough for the user to immediately understand. We have ~20 tools today that cover most common photo-editing use-cases, and we're always exploring new tools that expose cutting-edge photo-editing technologies in an intuitive way. And of course, we really value great imaging. We have a dedicated imaging team that constantly works on perfecting and extending image processing in our proprietary library. The most important quality of any great photo editor is the output, and we’ve got powerful imaging technology that puts the user’s photo and creativity above all-else. -In-App Content: Like other editors, we let users customize their editing experience with add-on photo filters, stickers, frames, and overlays. However, we feel that no other editor offers as much high-quality, diverse, and regular content as Aviary. We currently have 130+ content packs in the app, and we’re pushing out new packs every single week. We have an amazing team here dedicated to creating beautiful content that our users will love. Plus, they also now source some of it from other amazing artists on the Behance community. So our users really look forward to the fact that every week they come back to the app, there’s something new for them to try.
@mignano Thank you for the thoughtful response. I've downloaded it and given it a try! And frankly b/c @houseofstang is a fan - it has to be good! 😉
Thanks @corleyh! Hope you like it.

Such an awesome product, however Adobe has announced that is discontinuing development and support for Aviary as of December 2018.


Simple fun photo editor for web and mobile


Discontinued by Adobe