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AI to rate photographs according to their aesthetic value

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Everypixel team is happy to introduce you to our latest product - Photo Aesthetics Tool. It is a humble, but powerful service with AI under the hood. It rates photos according to their aesthetic value. Initially, Aesthetics Tool was designed for buyers and authors of stock photographs in order to help them understand how much the photo corresponds to modern trends in visual communications. However, the tool turned out to be a lot of fun, so we decided to open it to a wider public. Besides, the neural network automatically suggests keywords describing the uploaded image. Which might be useful too, for Instagram tags for instance. The tool is still in beta, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on this product. P.S. Please don't take it too personally if the AI gives your beloved selfie a lower ranking. Don’t forget that this is a neural network, and it was trained on stock images. Have fun!
Awesome idea! Trying to max it out to 100%, getting stuck at 99,9% with some of my photos :)
@jvdmeij Wow! It's cool!
@eugenia_ismagilova @jvdmeij LMAO, is there actually space for one more number?
Amazing how it could easily recognize whats in the picture and rate it. I'm curious on what a picture makes an awesome picture, could you describe some tips?
@thesijvert thank you for your interest. First of all, you have to upload natural photos, not staged. Neural networks also take into account the light, composition and matching the photo to the trends in photography.
@kristina_klipfel thanks, do you know some trends? Or do you have a list you got it from?
@thesijvert We use the experience of our friends who are photographers from stock production studios. In addition, all stock photography trends you can find in blogs and presentations of such image agencies like Shuttestock, GettyImages, Stocksy, etc
@kristina_klipfel thank you very much for responding :)
Any plans to build an API for it?
Yes, we do think about it. How do you plan to use it? Just curious :)
@eugenia_ismagilova we are having a community website for models so it would be ideal to distinguish between wannabe models with selfies and low quality photos and the ones that have a top level portfolio in order to prioritize visibility in the search results. ;)
@tataencu It sounds like we can accomplish this task with the help of Everypixel Aesthetics! I'll keep you posted about the API. Thank you for your interest in our product!
@eugenia_ismagilova @tataencu Same here, would def. be interested in an API!
@eugenia_ismagilova curate feeds for insta and social media
Very intriguing. I tested some of my own photos and they rated 0% or 0.3%. I then tried some National Geographic award winning photos (from Google) and they rated 98%. I then kept trying and I found a few of my own photos rated 75% and 94.7% Would really like to understand more about how the ratings works. If the results are believable, would be interesting if you linked this to a sales or submission service. e.g. would love to submit my photos that rated 75% and 94.7% to a stock service that could monetize them for me with very little friction/effort on my part.
@spivr That's an interesting idea! Thank you:) I think it could be realized on in future. By the way, we would be happy to see the results wich you have got on Aesthetics.
@eugenia_ismagilova @spivr it would actually be really cool to see how a photo was rated and why to gain some intuition as to how to improve your own pictures over time :)