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Thank you @bramk for hunting us and shout out to all Product Hunters out there! Ok, but let’s go straight to the point - whether you want to create your portfolio, write a blog, have a professional brand identity, or just show off with how many countries you have visited, Photler is a flexible solution for you. With just a few clicks, you can now import your work into predefined themes (no technical skills needed, we’ve got your back covered) and share your art online. Photler is about offering you the means that will give you the maximum returns for your efforts online. Let’s suppose you need to make 5 galleries from Paris, New York, Nicaragua, London and Sri Lanka. You’ll be surprised to see that in 1 day, you can have all these galleries up and running, organized on continents in one place on a beautiful virtual map. We're so excited about today’s launch on PH that we want to spread the joy! That’s why we’re currently offering an enormous 50% discount exclusively for Product Hunters (use the code below) for all the plans listed on the website. Join us there and let’s grow this awesome community together. You can upgrade at: ***special PH code: PH50*** Thanks again to everyone for the support and feel free to reach out in comments to share your thoughts & questions :)
Really interesting! I've recently changed my photo portfolio system from 500px to ( and I must say this hasn't been an easy quest! I really dig the map view! It's really amazing. Sidenotes : * quoted as an example has dummy titles "HEADLINE BLOG" / "tagline blog" * doesn't work on my end * Maybe worth mentioning if you have a free trial or something. * Also, a quick fun product to raise your brand awareness could be to have a free tier where you just have a map and you can add like 1-5 pictures per pin. A fun way to display your travel pedigree as a user, and a good way for you to increase your exposure :)
@jpvalery Huge thanks for your kind words! That means a lot. Great feedback. We're also proud of the map and would love to see your photos in there as well, great that you like it too :) Oops, Natalia must have overlooked this. Good that you pointed that out, we'll let her know about this! Thanks on her behalf. We switched the links, so you could check all the themes right now. Native - Regarding free trial period. We mentioned the free trial option in Plans & Pricing. Do you think it should be also mentioned on the homepage? It's quite an interesting idea - this free tier. We didn't explore this option and will definitely consider it! I would love to see your site that you've built using and if you'd like to spice things up with our design, then definitely give this free trial period a try :) You'll have plenty of companions during this quest to help you with everything. :)
@pkulczycki pleasure is mine - always happy to (hopefully) help! Must have missed it - might be worth putting it more in the highlight :) You can check my website made with format : Gonna try to find some spare hours to test out Photler :)
@jpvalery Putting it in the spotlight on homepage might be a good idea, we'll see if we can fit this info somewhere in there. Just browsed a bit through your site and I gotta say, cool pics you got there :) If you'll find a minute or two definitely check out how they will look with Photler's big display. Already I can imagine some of your images from France on the fullscreen slider on your Photler site! Thanks again from your help and if you'll join Photler for a test drive, make sure to let me know, so I could give you a hand if needed :)
@jpvalery thanks, so glad you like it :D we're waiting to see your photos there ;)
The profile gif is incredible!
@dredurr Thanks a lot, glad you liked it! It's a result of a serious brainstorm session at the office :) Tons of ideas joined the competition but this one won by unanimous decision :)
Brilliant stuff guys! It feels top notch product -thank you for making it!
@iamthev Thanks a ton! It's our pleasure to deliver it to you :)
@iamthev Wow - your words just gave all of us in the TEAM a whole new reason to work even harder!!! Thank you so much and we're waiting for your feedback.
What a brilliant implementation! Absolutely topnotch.
@chaplot Cheers man! Really glad that you like it! I checked your site and you have pretty sick collection of travel photos. If you feel like making a step further with them and that it's time to take care of proper presentation of those images defintiely give Photler a try :)
@chaplot Thanks for those nice words! It's so motivational and it gives us the power to keep working harder on what we've already done. It means a lot!
@pkulczycki sure I will it a try soon.